Why choose timber frame as your construction method?

Blockwork houses in the 21st century?
It’s time to move to timber frame.

Unrivalled Speed

On a traditional build project, team sizes are extremely limited and a linear style workflow is employed, meaning a small team team generally works on one stage of the build at a time. Timber frame benefits from a larger team working in a non-linear approach, meaning your project is complete faster. And, once the build is complete, you won't need to worry about the drying times associated with traditional block construction, greatly improving project speed while maintaining a high level of quality

Controlled Environment

Environmental conditions cost every project time, partcularly in the UK. Thanks to our specialised factory, your project is completed in a controlled environment set up to get the job done right. No weather delays, no site issues, just a skilled team with the latest automated equipment producing fast and high quality results.

Endless Customisation

Timber frame remains a much more vesatile construction method when it comes to design. Thanks to it's physical properties such as it's lightweight nature, and the construction methods timberframe employs, you're left with a far less limits when it comes to designing your dream space. As our in-house design team will be able to shoe, open plan living, large spaces and unique design featuers all become easier, faster and more cost effective.

Energy efficiency & Sustainability

Timber carries far superior insulation properties when compared to concrete, and also allows for a far more efficient use of insulation. On top of this, timber frame has the lowest CO2 use of any commercially available building material. At FREDS Timberframe we minimise waste thanks to advanced automation, and all left over timber is used by various other industries to ensure there is almost zero waste. Once in the home, the savings don’t stop there with lower energy bills thanks to the thermal values timberframe offers.

High Durability

Thanks to the flexible and lightweight nature of timber, and our unique FREDS anti-twist notching system, you receive peace of mind that your timber frame project will stay looking its best for decades to come.

Improved cost efficiency

Thanks to the faster build times and dedicated project manager, FREDS timberframe allows for the easier and more accurate factoring of costs. Wait times, contingencies and unexpected issues are reduced making timber frame an extremely cost effective way to build your next project.

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