Cwmtrch Nursery

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Cwmtrch Nursery

Cwmtrch, Swansea Valley

Client: Morganstone

Completion: Spring 2021

Freds are able to provide timberframe projects to a wide range of industries and Cwmtrch Nursery is a great example of this, with a uniquely designed build carried out for the education sector.

Based in the Swanse Valley, Cwmtrch Nursey is an addition to the existing Cwmtrch school site overseen by Powys County Council.

With it's unique 'splayed' design, this build is a perfect demonstration of how timberframe can be used for atypical builds while maintaining a high level of efficiency and quality.

To increase overall safety, a roof casette was created in our factory and dropped on. This greatly reduces the amount of site-time spent on the roof when compared to traditional rafter approaches to minimise hazzards. Quality and efficiency is also improved as the roof is able to be constructed in a controlled environment, reducing delays caused by weather and other on-site issues.

Overall we and the client (Morganstone) are proud of this unique design which creates a stunning focal point for the area but more importantly, a practical and long-lasting place for generations to come.

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